Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hypercare Support

Definition: Hypercare in application support can be considered as the phase after application is live on production. The main purpose of the hypercare period is to closely monitor customer service, data Integrity and the smooth functioning of the implemented application. The thumb rule is that when hypercare support ends, the system is stable and can be release to more end users with the usual support activities continuing.
Most of the people in the industry have a misconception that hypercare includes only training. However, it provides end user with all type of support which is critical after Go-live. Some of tasks that come under hypercare support are as listed below:
  1. Technical support
  2. On-site training
  3. Handling issues and queries
  4. Escalation plan
  5. Ensuring smooth handover

Technical Support: An important objective of hypercare support, this includes resolving technical queries of the end user working on the application and any bugs and fixes. This allows the application to stabilize and work efficiently in the new IT environment among other systems. This also takes care of the data integration taking place with various other existing systems.

On-site training: This is another aspect of hypercare support which includes on-site availability of the support team. This is implemented so that end user queries can be resolved on the spot without wasting any time. This also includes on the floor training for the end users which helps them get a complete understanding of the application which considerably reduces the number of queries hitting the support desk during on- going support. On-site training also facilitates the end user to get completely familiar with the application. This makes it easy to use thus satisfying the primary purpose of the application.

Handling configuration issues and queries: Handling of configuration issues and related queries are also managed under hypercare period. This includes configuration of fields, adding drop down values, modifying field names, changing locations of the fields etc. These are some of the tasks managed during hypercare for smooth functioning of the application related processes. This helps make the application more user friendly with minimum possible resolution time.

Ensuring smooth handover: This is the final activity that comes under hypercare support. This includes various handover activities like documentation, confirmation from the end users on various processes configured in the application. This also, includes handover of the application’s administrator rights to the support team. Confirmation on resolution of major issues are reported during this phase.

Disadvantages of not incorporating Hypercare in Application Support:
  1. Increases the load on the Support desk after go-live increasing the resolution time and making issue management cumbersome
  2. Even after go-live end users are not comfortable using the application which can result in under utilization of the application
  3. Probability of rollback increases which in turn affects the brand name of the application
  4. Critical issues are not prioritized resulting in application crashing or obstruction in smooth working of the processes in the application
  5. Unavailability of the escalation plan can result in unnecessary wastage of time in taking appropriate action for resolving pending issues.
Thus, it can be seen that hypercare support phase is essential for smooth functioning and handover of the new application after its go-live. This saves a lot of time and rollback of the application in some scenarios. However, hypercare phase is not a mandatory and not implemented by many vendors while implementing an application. Hence, it is a non-mandatory but essential phase for a successful and smooth handover after the go-live of the new application.

About Author:
Amol Bhembre is a consultant in Systems Plus Pvt. Ltd. Within Systems Plus, he actively contributes to the areas of Technology and Information Security. He can be contacted at:


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